Businesses can Now Innovate Better, Faster through F5's New Software Solutions

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 31, 2015

FREMONT, CA: F5 Networks announces new software solutions to empower businesses to innovate faster and in a cost effective manner. These new lightweight solutions simplify service delivery across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures.

The virtualization company introduces F5 LineRate Point Load Balancer that enables customers to deploy layer 7 load balancing in a virtual form factor. This load balancer provides massive scalability that enables customers having large volumes of applications with load balancing and application proxy capabilities.

The LineRate BIG-IP and Volume Licensing Subscription allow businesses to respond to their priorities by transitioning from simple availability functions to more advanced services.

“LineRate Point Load Balancer and Volume Licensing Subscription enable customers to scale virtualized application services at the correct scope and pace for their initiatives,” said Ryan Kearny, SVP, Product Development, F5. “F5’s streamlined Good, Better, Best purchasing model and cloud licensing options provide considerable savings compared to adding individual services a la carte. With F5’s software-based solutions, customers can efficiently build out their public/private cloud and data center environments with ultimate flexibility.”

Supporting a wide spectrum of virtualization and cloud deployments, F5’s virtual solutions offer: stability in the form of reduced impact on compute, memory, and storage while catering to the demands for load balancing, application proxy, high availability, and SSL; cost efficiency in the form of resource consumption with a small technology footprint.

The new software solutions can be deployed in private or public cloud environments. Businesses and organizations can easily orchestrate services across multiple applications on a per-application basis. The ability to churn out DevOps-driven applications in a speedy manner is achieved through automated resource and service provisioning.