10 Most Promising Virtualization Solution Providers - 2018

10 Most Promising Virtualization Solution Providers - 2018

Over the years virtualization has become mainstream in modern data centers as it enables organizations to increase IT agility, consolidate workloads, make IT environments scalable and more flexible. “Do more with less” is the new adage creating a positive impact in the virtualization landscape. To achieve this feat, organizations are increasingly adopting hyper-converged infrastructure that lets administrators manage pools of compute resources, disk assignments for virtual machines, and network underlay configuration all under a single unified management interface. As more enterprises continue moving their resources to cloud and begin using virtual environments, hyper-scale data centers are increasingly becoming the powerhouse to host raw computational data and information. Automation is another trend that is picking up steam as a next evolution of virtualization. Other major technologies such as open source software, network functions virtualization (NFV), AR and VR, and adaptive security architecture are contributing toward shaping the future of the industry.

The future of virtualization technology looks bright, as enterprise IT management will be completely based on virtual computing and virtualization. It allows organizations to maximize computer utilization while minimizing all associated overheads of management, power consumption, maintenance as well as physical space. Furthermore, organizations are also opting for virtualization partners who are capable of providing off-the-shelf corporate cybersecurity.

The market today abounds with virtualization solution providers armed with best-of-breed technologies that can help companies implement proactive ideas to tackle urgent challenges. To help CIOs navigate this flourishing landscape, a distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and CIOReview’s editorial board has reviewed the top virtualization solution providers and shortlisted the ones that are at the vanguard fulfilling the urgent demands of the industry.

We present to you CIOReview’s “10 Most Promising Virtualization Solution Providers - 2018.”

Company Name

Company Description

10ZiG Technology A world leader in endpoints for VDI, providing levels of customization far beyond the competition along with a fully free endpoint management software suite
Datrium Delivers an improved end-user experience effortlessly with sub-millisecond latency while keeping VDI end-users happy
dinCloud A Cloud Services Provider that helps organizations rapidly migrate to the cloud through a strong network of Value Added Resellers and Managed Service Providers
INFINIDAT Offers tools to provide automatic support to the VMware administrator and prevent the administrator from making mistakes that can result in downtime to the environment
Infinio Systems Develops a fundamentally new architecture to solve the problem of data storage performance in virtualized environments
IP Infusion Provides enterprise and carrier-grade software solutions that allows network operators to reduce network costs, increase flexibility, and to deploy new features and services quickly
Maxta, Inc. Helps customers reduce costs by running mixed workloads on the same cloud cluster and improve performance for applications by 25 percent
Pure Storage Provides secure and reliable access to Wi-Fi, and innovates across wireless and wired technology to meet industry-specific needs
Veeam Software Helps Hyper-Available Enterprises along their journey to Intelligent Data Management
VMware Provides software that helps business users simply and securely access the apps and data they need, from anywhere, to do their best work