NCS Technologies is here with its New Zero Client Endpoints and End-to-End VDI Solution

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 10, 2015

GAINESVILLE, VA: Enterprise computing services provider, NCS Technologies releases its new zero client end points and an end-to-end virtual desktop infrastructure which is speculated to be a turnkey solution for enterprise and government customers. The list of released NCS product line mentions Cirrus LT Plus, Cirrus DT WiFi and NCS End-to End VDI Solution.

The Cirrus LT Plus is a new addition to Cirrus LT Zero client laptop breed and offers a full HD display on it 15.6 inch, a keyboard with its full numeric keyboard and a primary replaceable battery backed by an integrated battery which provides eight hours of seamless power supply. Options like embedded smart card reader, proximity card reader, fingerprint reader, docking station, WiFi and 4G broadband are also made available .

Cirrus DT WiFi, a desktop zero client which is very apt for implementations which need low cost and portable virtual end points and prefer WiFi connectivity for premium manageability, security and productivity. The ideal implementation setups for the same can be medical carts, aviation hangars, factory floors. Cirrus zero client desktops and laptops don’t have any operating system, no local storage and so they do not retain persistent user data, which makes them providers of superior computing security. This also avoids the need for any Antivirus for the same.

Cirrus LT computers use the Teradici PCoIP protocol to ensure superior performance. PCoIP compresses, encrypts and encodes the computing experience at the data center and transmits only pixels across the network to the end point. Users have secure, fully functional access to all applications.

NCS VDI solution comes with all three sections (storage, compute and network), software, services and end points. This solution envelopes both hyper-converged and modular implementations. Hardware elements include the NexServ XRG-5281 1U rackmount, the NexServ XRG-5262 x4 2U rackmount and the NexArray 2401 storage appliance.

All of NCS Solutions rely on VMware, Microsoft and Maxta for software in order to ensure its reliability, availability and performance.