Arise Virtual Solutions Inc.: True Disruptor in the Virtualization Arena

John Meyer, CEO
The quickly evolving landscape of technology drives businesses to seek new trends and advance their infrastructures to meet changing business needs. Virtualization—one such element of technology has given businesses a means to achieve greater profitability by reducing operating costs, increasing productivity and business efficiency, and leveraging existing IT structure. In fact, “A recent study suggests that virtualization in different industry landscapes will shoot up to nearly $250 billion in the next two years. Despite such staggering growth, many CIOs are bogged with challenges in a fully virtual environment like security regulations, tight budget and cost control, need for consolidation and optimization of IT tools, and business continuity,” says John Meyer, CEO of Arise Virtual Solutions. Arise is one of the leading providers of business process outsourcing (BPO) and virtual contact center services with the innovative idea of creating work-at-home opportunities using a virtual infrastructure.

Conventional brick and mortar call centers generally hire agents based on their geographical proximity. These organizations are often pressurized to meet customer call volume and their agents are not familiar with the brand itself, affecting delivery of quality service. Recognizing the need for change, Arise created a winning strategy with proprietary technologies, an advanced innovation road map and service improvements. “With our entire business being virtual, we maintain a network of over tens of thousands of independent business owners, who work from home. Customers’ calls are routed to agents in the Arise network to provide customer service, sales and technical support calls for our clients,” adds Meyer. In case of client emergencies (i.e, weather disasters, outages, unanticipated events), Arise reroutes the calls to agents’ homes who are located in unaffected areas. In addition to that, the company offers virtualized services in eLearning platforms, workforce management solutions, social media, chat and website support.

Changing the way people think about and do work is at the core of Arise’s philosophy. In maintaining such a powerful mission, Arise continues to not only embrace change, but remain at the forefront of technological movements in its industry.
In doing so, Arise has created a niche within a robust industry, cultivating a competitive edge and evolving to meet customers’ needs. “We believe that our clients need a strategy that ensures they have a competitive advantage as well as high level of endurance and adaptability to maintain the highest level of customer service,” exclaims Meyer. Arise is a ‘true disruptor in the virtualization landscape’ for carrying the unique culture of innovation and moving the boundaries of how work is being performed.

In one instance, a renowned Fortune 150 company approached Arise to find ways to meet the surging increase in holiday volume that would have otherwise needed twice the normal number of agents. In less than two months’ notice, Arise sourced a team of top performing, experienced agents who could facilely deal with the additional volume without compromising program performance or customer experience. Arise also proposed solutions that enhanced call handling efficiency of agents during peak call traffic. As a result, the customer was able to meet over 100 percent of their goals to deliver customer satisfaction, quality, and service levels.

We are changing the way people do work and how companies provide service to their customers through our virtual/work at home network of tens of thousands of independent business owners

Arise’s success mantra to change the way work is being done—focuses on continuous innovation through strategies that enable the execution of a befitting plan to promote, enhance and maintain exceptional customer experience. The company plans to proceed to further their growth in the work-from-home, virtual infrastructure space and invest in profitable areas of healthcare, e- Commerce, and travel and hospitality in the coming years.

Arise Virtual Solutions Inc.

Lakeside Drive, Miramar, FL

John Meyer, CEO

A provider of virtual, global network infrastructure for workat-home BPO and crowd sourcing solutions.