Network Remedy: Virtualizing the IT landscape with Robust Cloud Services

Though virtualization, one of the most favored technologies, improves the end-user experience, enabling access to pertinent data, SMBs often lack the expertise regarding its benefits and challenges. So, from a business ownership standpoint, there is always a challenge of building solutions that are scalable and robust to ensure profitability. “Another hurdle in the virtualization sector that we witnessed is that the small and medium business market is much underserved with inaccurate and costly business solutions,” Amon Prasad, CEO of Network Remedy. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Network Remedy appears to tackle the challenge by providing elegant and state-of-the-art solutions at an affordable price for the SMB market and empowering users to take advantage of an enterprise based platform without having to invest in the infrastructure themselves.

Network Remedy is an IT Consulting firm with a focus on providing SMBs with valuable services and guidance in building and running their IT infrastructure. “We also place emphasis on reducing each client’s carbon footprint by way of virtualization technologies and managed hosted services,” says Prasad. The company also provides enhanced datacenters around the country for running everything from data backups to entire infrastructure environments in a private managed environment. “We care about the word ‘service’ in all of the services we provide. Our hardcore service-oriented approach sets us apart in the market,” affirms Prasad. “We offer everything from IT Consulting at the Helpdesk to CIO level planning, strategy, and systems design.”

The company delivers expertise to the end-users, especially for non-IT industries, on the benefits of moving to cloud-based platform. Cloud hosting and consulting are some of the unique services the company offers to its clients. “Our cloud platform is built on VMware infrastructure and we use IBM servers. We have built a multi-tenant type cloud platform where we can spin up file/application/database servers for clients in a secure enterprise-based environment “The majority of our clients are migrating their compute environment to the Network Remedy Cloud for better uptime, performance, scalability, redundancy, business continuance, and disaster recovery,” affirms Prasad. With the Network Remedy Cloud, information is more secure, available whenever and wherever client needs it, and allows them to get the benefits of an enterprise grade platform for a fraction of the cost. “You can properly access and backup all your company’s pertinent data with nothing more than a robust Internet connection and computer,” he adds.
Amon Prasad, CEO
The consulting services of Network Remedy include Data Center Relocation, Desktop and Server Virtualization, and Network Design. It strategically plans the best plan of action, making the relocation process as seamless and as pain-free as possible.

For a detailed understanding of Network Remedy’s Services consider the example of a large construction firm in the bay area. The client had more than 30 servers and was facing immense difficulty to manage the data in the servers. Network Remedy helped to virtualize their environment with its cloud services and helped to lessen their server sprawl. “We reduced their physical servers from thirty to five. This was one of several superior virtualization projects we crafted for our clients,” says Prasad.

Going forward, Network Remedy wants to expand into the application virtualization space, apart from the arena of server virtualization. “The next step for us is virtualizing the graphics intensive, heavy applications and being able to deliver them to low bandwidth or remote users without any loss of fidelity and performance,” says Prasad. On the basis of geographical expansion, Network Remedy is also looking to enlarge into southern California. “We have three data centers around the country and shall bring the fourth one in Texas. As far as our consulting piece is concerned, we are looking to expand into southern California in the near future,” concludes Prasad.

With our solutionsclients can properly access and backup all their company’s pertinent data with nothing more than a robust Internet connection and computer

Network Remedy

San Jose, CA

Amon Prasad, CEO

Providing elegant and state-of-the-art solutions at an affordable price for the SMB market and giving them the ability to take advantage of an enterprise based platform.