VeriStor: Empowering the IT Journey with Next Generation Data Center Solutions

Steve Bishop, CTO & Co-Founder
A successful data center strategy requires a holistic approach to ensure that key dependencies are designed and implemented based on virtualization best practices. Over the years, enterprises have been seeking a new way to address the requirements and challenges of virtual infrastructure and storage as a secure, multi-tenant service. CFOs are in need of IT at the lowest possible cost, and CIOs continue to demand high-performing applications architected to best meet the requirements of the business. The solution to these challenges lies in implementing a properly leveraged virtualized infrastructure. Enter VeriStor—a full-service IT solutions provider, offering a broad portfolio of storage and virtual server infrastructure solutions selected through its constant monitoring of industry trends and innovations.

By catering to specific industry requirements, VeriStor certifies the vendor solutions to meet a stringent set of technology and business criteria. “This ensures that the solutions we architect are technically sound, have significant functional differentiation and boost ROI cost savings,” explains Steve Bishop, CTO at VeriStor. With the best combination of architectural strategy and vendor components, VeriStor works to deliver solutions that suit the unique requirements of the industry. VeriStor covers everything from core storage, compute and networking to security, end-user computing/ mobility, and public/hybrid cloud integration.

The firm supports a variety of different virtualization platforms today with a full suite of managed and hosted services, IT lifecycle finance, as well crafted turnkey hybrid cloud solutions. Being an advanced technology provider with intense focus on technical value-add, VeriStor specializes in the latest virtualization technologies and solutions including advanced virtual infrastructure, enterprise storage, networking and security, big data and analytics.

“The biggest benefit of virtualization is that virtualized resources become software-controllable. This is the whole premise of the software-defined data center. Once something is software-controllable then it can be automated,” affirms Bishop. “Although many organizations are almost completely virtualized, they still manage infrastructure as if they are dealing with physical devices. That is missing the point.”
Augmenting currently prevalent compute virtualization with advanced capabilities such as storage virtualization, software-defined networking and network function virtualization, VeriStor is on a mission to spend more time helping customers better integrate and align the infrastructure to the business. “This allows our clients to fully leverage the power and business value that a virtual infrastructure can bring to the table,” Bishop asserts.

VeriStor has an established track record with its unique multi-vendor approach for enterprise clients in industries including finance, healthcare, government and higher education. For instance, University of TN Medical Center (UMTC) faced a challenging task of managing the dramatic growth of the hospital data in its virtual environment. The client required a storage infrastructure that was not only reliable, but also flexible enough to scale with increasing hospital storage demands. To support the primary storage needs of its new VMware infrastructure, VeriStor architected an environment for UMTC that consolidated its primary VMware storage needs and delivered comprehensive data protection and backup. As a result, UMTC experienced a reliable virtual and storage infrastructureto support its clinical information system.

We are leveraging automation across the infrastructure to improve IT efficiency, compliance and security by orders of magnitude

Moving forward, the company will continue to focus on virtualization—by helping customers complete the transition from basic compute virtualization to the software-defined data center. “This enables the journey to real private cloud and hybrid cloud deployment architectures,” says Bishop. In addition, a key focus for the company is its automation orchestration and advanced operations practice. “We are leveraging automation across the infrastructure to improve IT efficiency, compliance and security by orders of magnitude,” he concludes. VeriStor also concentrates on managed and hosted services like cloud backup, archive disaster recovery services, as we as integration of public cloud offerings such as Amazon Web Services.


Duluth, GA

Steve Bishop, CTO & Co-Founder

Providing a broad portfolio of storage and virtual server infrastructure solutions through its constant monitoring of industry trends and innovations.