Nexenta Systems: Transforming Storage Management with Virtualization

Tarkan Maner, Chairman & CEO
Legacy technologies today are turning inefficient to manage the data deluge, escalating the demand for better storage infrastructure. With virtualization technology coming into the picture, firms are realizing the need for storage platforms that are structured and defined by software that enhances network capabilities as well as provides a single centralized infrastructure to manage large volumes of data moving around the virtual workload. Software Defined Storage (SDS) comes as a solution for this issue by obtaining the storage control operations from the hardware platform and setting it inside a software layer to ensure the data is kept safe. While the ever-increasing investments on newer technologies continue to grow in the storage space, Nexenta Systems, a New-York based software company provides easy-to-use, secure, and ultra-low cost Open Source Software-Defined Storage solutions for virtualization and other key workloads running in the data centre including data protection, cloud, and Big Data.

“The new style of IT is all about the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC),” says Tarkan Maner, Chair-man and CEO, Nexenta Systems. “In traditional data centers, our research suggests that storage accounts for up to 30 percent of the total IT budget so it stands to reason that storage is going to be a significant part of the SDDC, too. The price of storage will be the key in determining the cost-effectiveness of the new style of IT.” Nexenta Systems provides perfect storage platform that supports the popular hypervisors as well as helps firms in virtualizing critical applications without the concern for performance, reliability, or scalability.

Founded in 2005 as an open source platform and industry-disruptive vision, Nexenta enables workloads for social living, mobility, Internet of Things, Big Data, and Do-It-Yourself Cloud deployments.The company offers storage solutions such as Nexenta Stor, edge, connect, and fusion. Its flagship storage platform Nexenta Stor designed on Open solaris and Open storage ZFS technology empowers users to manage multi-vendor environments, efficiencies in storage administration and management, and core storage for content management, and compliance.

The new style of IT is all about the Software- Defined Data Center (SDDC)

Other storage solution such as edge provides users the scalability to next generation OpenStack clouds, petabyte-scale active archives and Big Data applications. While the Nexenta Connect storage software offers seamless integration with third party ecosystems to address storage challenges in desktop and server virtualization deployments. Further, the Nexenta Fusion storage solution brings all of the above solutions together and builds on their common REST API framework to simplify the task of running petabyte-scale software-defined storage infrastructure.

Overtime, Nexenta has earned a substantial customer-base from diverse industries through its robust storage solutions. “Since we switched to the NexentaStor, we haven’t had any outages and we don’t have any complaints such as ‘my server isn’t performing as it should’ or ‘we don’t get the performance that we need.’ So it saves us a lot of time,” says Andreas Bergman, Internet Engineer, GleSYS.

Since its inception the company has played a vital role in SDS space with its highly scalable Nexenta Stor offering and has gained significant momentum in replacing the aging storage platforms with a much more flexible and low cost alternative. Providing these types of unified storage management solutions that clearly meet the current day enterprise requirements are some of the key attributes that set it apart from its competitors. Moving ahead, the company plans to continue its investment to build out the functionality in NexentaStor – flash-based optimizations and all-flash reference architecture and expand its total addressable market with multiple new products.

Nexenta Systems

Santa Clara, CA

Tarkan Maner, Chairman & CEO

Provider of Software-Defined Storage, easy-to-use, secure and ultra-low cost storage software solutions