Numecent: Application Delivery through Cloudpaging Technology

Tom Lagatta, President & CEO
Virtualization has increasingly transformed the IT landscape and metamorphosed the way organizations utilize technology to incur desirable business profits. Most IT organizations are embracing upon Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and VMware and Citrix’s offerings in order to streamline application deployment and thereby simplify their IT operations. However, irrespective of the recent advancements it has become difficult for the enterprises to support native applications across a wide variety of users. The applications can cost IT department’s time and money for installation, licensing monitoring, upgrades, and maintenance. Most often, the organizations neglect the expenditures spent on application delivery in the overall IT infrastructure spend. Furthermore, the technologies like VDI cannot address on demand application delivery. Reducing the pain points in application delivery and lowering application deployment costs is a company Numecent that offers Cloudpaging technology for a faster, provisioning of native applications from the cloud. “Our Cloudpaging technology brings secure and friction-free provisioning of native applications from the cloud through virtualization and containerization,” delineates Tom Lagatta, President and CEO, Numecent.

Numecent’s patented foundational technology framework Cloudpaging is the brainchild of Numecent’s founder, Osman Kent. The technology transfigures the original and native software delivery, deployment, and provisioning from the public, private, on premise or hybrid cloud. Cloudpaging empowers the IT departments to simplify application delivery and uses the cloud to deliver a containerized version of the application from a secure encrypted cloud.

In addition, Numecent’s Cloudpaging Player, small footprint client software, can be installed on every user’s physical device or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Virtual Machine. The product once installed, allows the end users to access the Windows applications as per the organizations policies. The product essentially virtualizes the required applications running in the container thereby eliminating the need of the Independent Software Vendor’s (ISV), Managed Service Providers (MSP’S) and Cloud Service providers (CSP’s) to invest in manual application delivery or distribution.

Our Cloudpaging technology brings secure and friction-free provisioning of native applications from the cloud through virtualization and containerization

Cloudpaging also helps end users realize their application license requirement and provides virtual application delivery as per the server license. End users can avoid any excess usage of licenses, thereby avoiding extra operating costs. Further, many large consumer firms run heavy weight applications that require hours to download and install. Cloudpaging mitigates this issue through leveraging applications into proper running as per the license requirement of the firm. Complete data security is also on offer favoring finance organizations who need to deliver financial applications from the cloud.

Adding more credence is Numecent’s Cloudpaging CDN (Content Delivery Network) that helps the Independent Software Vendors (ISV) to deliver native Windows applications from the cloud. The firm helps ISV’s to package the heavy weight applications as per their license requirements and publishes them on the Cloudpaging CDN.

Imperial College in London encountered an impediment with their huge applications that could create magnanimous images of sizes300, 500 gigabytes. These apps were delivered to the students through cluster rooms and it had become expensive for the University to support the cluster rooms with huge IT infrastructure. After employing Numecent’s Cloud paging technology Imperial College eliminated the cluster, transformed them into lecture halls, chemistry labs, and was able to save ten million pounds a year.

In the future, Numecent is planning to build more functionalities to their products in order to widen their market foothold. “We are planning to broaden our product functionalities by the end of this year and in order to fulfill the same we will enhance strategic relationships with our customers,” concludes Lagatta.


Irvine, CA

Tom Lagatta, President & CEO

Delivering native software applications from cloud computing servers using virtualization technology