KIS: Driving Virtualization ROI

Sean Canevaro, CEO
From helping clients to procure the right video card back in the 1990s to finding and implementing the appropriate virtualization technology, KIS has relied on their customer-driven and employee-centric business strategy to earn clients’ trust. That has translated into long-term relationships with their Clients over the ensuing 28 years. Having witnessed the birth and evolution of virtualization technology, Sean Canevaro, CEO of KIS, believes “Virtualization is more a journey than a destination. It started with virtualization of memory and compute moved to storage, desktop apps, and is currently virtualizing networking. The CLOUD movement is the latest step on the virtualization journey.” Today, KIS is providing a secure onramp for the organizations to leverage the tremendous potential of virtualization to improve their business results.

Driven by the collective rich experience of KIS’ Consultants, the company lays out a virtualization technology roadmap for each client that best aligns with that specific client’s business direction. The consulting company then provides the client’s technology team with the training and documentation that allows them to support, manage and grow their new infrastructure with no additional help.

“We bring the cloud and virtualization know-how so that clients can save the unnecessary spends on their IT,” says Canevaro. Having a vendor-agnostic approach in working with the current virtualization technologies in the market allows KIS to help its Clients make technology decisions that best suit that client’s business conditions rather just implementing virtualization for the sake of it. The company has keen ears for clients’ needs even as they bring to bear their vast knowledge to implement the right virtualization technology by choosing the right solution path. Having gained mastery in server virtualization earlier, the company has gone on to achieve expertise in the areas of desktop, storage, and now network virtualization and the move to the CLOUD, helping clients excel in their virtualization journey. “We understand that we have to deliver successful engagements for Clients in order to earn the right to help them in the next area. That focus on Client Satisfaction is integral to the job every member of our team does every day,” explained Mr. Canevaro.
In one instance, the firm assisted West Valley College to choose the first storage area network (SAN). KIS helped them analyze several manufacturers’ offerings and determine the right solution that suited the Client’s requirements. Further, KIS implemented the solution and enabled West Valley to manage and support the solution throughout its lifespan. Impressed by KIS’ service, West Valley engaged them again, this time to chart out a roadmap for their desktop virtualization. The result: West Valley College soon became an early adopter of desktop virtualization technology. In addition, KIS helped West Valley in selecting numerous other technologies, including Backup, DR and Mobility solutions that were best for the campus and assisted West Valley IT in taking over management of these solutions in record time.

We bring the cloud and virtualization know-how so that clients can save the unnecessary spends on their IT

In an era where most companies (Manufacturers, Integrators, and Clients alike) are challenged by the ever-changing IT support team personnel, KIS is ensuring that the same experts continue to support client’s virtualization infrastructure over the years. “Our employee-centric work culture has been instrumental in our success journey,” says John Marciano, COO at KIS. While frequent job changes in an organization can drastically affect client engagement and expertise, KIS is creating an opposite trend by offering the best workplace for their employees. As average KIS employee tenure is at 12 years and growing, it is helping clients by providing long term continuity of expertise and vision.

KIS has been adding partners to their leadership team to expand their services portfolio. For example, the company’s security practice that was officially started three years ago to provide security expertise to clients is growing faster than ever. “We believe that our cloud and security practice along with the network virtualization services will help our clients to achieve powerful and valuable technology gains at reduced overall costs,” concludes Canevaro.


Fremont, CA

Sean Canevaro, CEO

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