10ZiG Technology: Managing Endpoints for Desktop Virtualization Made Easy

Martin Pladgeman, CEO
The recent evolution of VDI technology along with the trend in how employees access their desktops, apps, and data via a Digital Workspaces environment has revolutionized the VDI landscape. Organizations are now easily able to implement a virtual desktop infrastructure achieving an impressive ROI. As per Martin Pladgeman, CEO of 10ZiG Technology—one of the world’s leading VDI endpoint providers—“A VDI setup greatly streamlines the efficiencies in managing remote endpoints, creates a longer lifespan for hardware, increased security and creates an environment that allows for a seamless migration into the Cloud.”

Often, organizations are challenged with finding the endpoints they need with the right hardware setup for their specific VDI use case, such as supporting three monitors at a 4K UHD resolution with both HDMI and DisplayPort outputs. Also, there is great demand for support of Unified Communications via Audio-Video devices that support solutions such as Skype for Business.

As a VDI industry leader and innovator, 10ZiG has an extraordinary array of endpoints with varying port combinations, the highest supported video resolutions available today along with unique, integrated feature sets guaranteed to fit any organization’s use-case scenario. On the Unified Communications front, 10ZiG is leading the pack by ensuring that its endpoints are fully SFB compatible and up to date with the latest releases from VMware, Citrix and more along with all the latest protocols including HDX, Blast Extreme, PCoIP and RDP.

One of the key drivers to the ROI success of organizations virtualizing their desktops is the ability for IT admins to remotely manage any endpoint located anywhere—whether it’s 1000 devices located in London and 500 in Chicago—regardless of where that IT admin is located. There is an incredible efficiency in being able to push out firmware upgrades, perform tasks such as rebooting, shadowing and more without having to be physically present on-site to troubleshoot.

Recognizing the importance of remote management, 10ZiG provides The 10ZiG Manager™—its endpoint management software, absolutely free with no user or device limit. This is a stark difference to other providers that charge an annual fee per seat for use of their software, or others who charge for critical add-on features.

Based on the newest trend towards the Digital Workspace, 10ZiG has also recognized the need to better accommodate mobile based workforces, such as home workers and remote offices. Through their free Cloud Enablement feature with the 10ZiG Manager, IT admins have the ability to easily configure remote worker endpoints for quick workstation access via the Cloud.

In addition to On-Premise, The 10ZiG Manager also integrates with the major VDI Cloud Platform providers, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and others. Moreover, with 10ZiG PC Repurposing software, any x86 device —from old PC’s to laptops to old Dell or HP thin clients—has the ability to be converted into a 10ZiG thin client-like endpoint, thereby receiving all of the above benefits of IT administration efficiency.

At 10ZiG, the development of VDI Endpoints is our sole focus. This focus allows us to excel in our hardware, software and extraordinary customer support

Recently, 10ZiG worked with a major financial services NASDAQ-traded enterprise with 40,000 employees. The organization underwent a merger with employees distributed across the globe—500 offices in 140 countries.

The organization’s initial attempts in moving to VDI with another vendor proved unsuccessful as the vendor was not keeping its promises and were slow at incorporating recent Citrix upgrades and changes. After moving to 10ZiG, the organization’s experience was night-and-day different. They had a huge dependency on Skype for Business, and the ability for 10ZiG to move so quickly in ensuring the latest Citrix upgrades and changes were seamlessly integrated into their environment was critical. Additionally, via the 10ZiG Manager, the organization was able to set up and provision thousands of endpoints globally within minutes—while IT could literally sit back, relax and watch 10ZiG clients self-manage.

According to Pladgeman, a major competitive advantage 10ZiG has relative to other endpoint providers is its ability to be a nimble and fast-moving, reactionary company. “When one of the major VDI brokers announces an update or new feature rollout, 10ZiG is usually the first to roll out this latest and greatest feature.” Another major factor that makes 10ZiG unique is its vision and mission, which is—to provide customer-driven solutions that fit into their environment, not making them fit into ours. “Unlike other vendors where VDI endpoints are just one of many minute areas of their business, at 10ZiG, the development of Thin and Zero Client endpoints for VDI is our sole focus—we live and breathe VDI—and this focus allows us to excel at both the products we provide and the extraordinary service we offer to our customers,” explains Pladgeman. This includes levels of customization far beyond what other endpoint vendors provide—such as integration using optimized methods of peripherals such as Olympus and Philips Dictation devices, printer integration for PoS & Retail, Windows customization including adding and removing programs, installing drivers, and so much more.

With such innovations, 10ZiG is growing rapidly. The company is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona with offices across the globe, including the UK, Australia and now Germany. “When you contact 10ZiG for support, you can rest assured that you will be dealing with a team who is local to where you are at and not a foreign country across the globe. Customers who choose 10ZiG, stay with 10ZiG. Once companies get a taste of our VDI hardware, software, service and support—they’ll never want to look anywhere else,” explains Pladgeman.

10ZiG Technology

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Martin Pladgeman, CEO

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