10 Most Promising Virtualization Consulting/Services Companies - 2018


Over the past two decades, virtualization has played a prominent role in paving the way for modern computing concepts from basic virtual desktops to cloud computing. Today, virtualization has completely overhauled the computing industry and is possibly the single most important concept in IT environments. It has become the nucleus of a growing number of organizations’ IT environment by reducing the infrastructure requirements, along with bringing cost savings through less power consumption, and associated building space and land requirements for the server farms. Moreover, Virtualization is at the forefront of providing high availability for critical applications and streamlining application deployment as well as migrations. The technology helps organizations to simplify IT operations and allow IT to respond faster to changing business demands. One of the latest trends covering grounds in the virtualization space is the increasing adoption of network functions virtualization (NFV) by enterprises today. Along with the growing awareness of the advantages provided by virtualization technology, a set of challenges posed by changing regulations competition is brewing in the IT environment. In this scenario, the availability of a business partner with the in-depth expertise in virtual machines, along with software and compliance assistance from will enable organizations to achieve a level of efficiency to meet the growing demands.

Although organizations are seeing outstanding results investing in these service providers, when it comes to finding effective virtualization service providers, CIOs find it extremely challenging to invest in the right service provider that suits their specific necessities. To help organizations find the right service provider for their virtualization initiatives, a distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CFOs, analysts, and CIOReview’s editorial board has selected the top players in the sector.

We present to you CIOReview’s “10 Most Promising Virtualization Services Providers - 2018.”

Top Virtualization Companies

A dynamic, full-service IT solution integrator with an expert staff of certified IT professionals offering a comprehensive suite of cloud and managed IT services

CLL Systems

Specializes in cloud & virtualization; enterprise class server, storage, and networking; business solution; enterprise mobile solutions; and backup, recovery, and disaster recovery needs of their customers

Flux Labs

Provides virtualization project support, virtualization implementation services and virtualization systems support to enhance performance, improve disaster recovery capability, and significantly lower capital expenditure and support costs


Provides services including workplace modernization and workplace support services powered by Watson cognitive technology to help customers enhance their enterprise mobility


Offers consulting and support focus aimed at providing “comfort-level” services that gives their customers enough technical understanding of their network and related systems to meet their goals


Enables organizations to successfully transition to a virtual environment by leveraging industry leading consultants, proven methodology, and targeted, high-value services that address the entire virtualization adoption life-cycle

Ray Business Technologies

Raybiztech’s Virtualization Services consolidates servers, storage and networking infrastructure to maximize utilization and save significant costs for their clients

thepickle.com, Inc.

Provides virtualization services that help customers save space and money without leveraging more servers, computers, or people


Provides a single point of accountability for transformation and management of information protection and retention environments


Provides a turnkey service for delivering enterprise-class virtual desktops, apps and workstations from Microsoft Azure