Top 20 Virtualization Solution Companies - 2015

With the growth of IT, came in issues that have plagued the network architectures with rising expenses, under utilization of network resources, and increasing complexities. These predicaments were swiftly solved with the growth of virtualization technology that redefined the very foundations the IT networks were built on. Through virtualization, it became possible for companies to unleash the true potential of technology and save on hardware costs. Leaders in this landscape came up with innovative solutions that not only helps simulate hardware resources that the IT network already possess, but also gave each application the freedom of running on the hardware resources as its unique holder. These solutions allow companies to increase efficiency in data centers and reduce hardware requirements. In addition, having fewer network components also reduced the energy requirements of the architecture and firmware updates became easier to handle. However, many CIOs find it extremely challenging to navigate into the complex and competitive Virtualization industry when looking for service providers to aid them with consulting, implementation, and support.

 In this edition of CIO Review, we bring to you “The 20 Most Promising Virtualization Technology Solution Providers of 2015,” featuring the best solution and service providers offering tools and services available on the Virtualization platform. The companies listed here showcase extensive business knowledge and innovative strategies combined with talent base across locations.

 A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, VCs, analysts and CIO Review editorial board has selected the top players from over three hundred companies. The listing provides a look into how these solutions work in the real world, so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of what technologies are available, which are right for you, and how they shape up against the competition.

    Top Virtualization Solution Companies

  • 1

    A provider of high quality and individual solutions of web and managed hosting, as well as individual software and app development.

  • 2

    A provider of virtual, global network infrastructure for workat-home BPO and crowd sourcing solutions.

  • 3

    Develops cloud computing software for enterprises in tap with uprooting hardware limitations.

  • 4

    Providing innovative technology services to streamline virtualization, cloud, and network design issues thereby reducing server down time and ensuring improved ROI.

  • 5

    Provider of authentication, access management, and secure communications solutions for healthcare.

  • 6

    A full-service IT services and solutions provider.

  • 7

    A provider of proactive performance management solutions for virtualized desktop and server environments.

  • 8

    Providing elegant and state-of-the-art solutions at an affordable price for the SMB market and giving them the ability to take advantage of an enterprise based platform.

  • 9

    Numecent pioneers Cloudpaging technology for rapid, secure and friction-free provisioning of native applications from the cloud through on-demand virtualization and containerization.

  • 10

    A company that helps customers leverage their internet investment and dramatically improve their client’s disaster recovery preparedness.

  • 11

    The company focuses on providing best-in-class backup, disaster recovery, system migration and data protection solutions.

  • 12

    Provides radically simple cloud-empowered all-in-one continuity solutions that increase IT confidence.

  • 13

    A desktop virtualization software company that makes it simple and affordable for organizations to implement and centrally manage virtual computers.

  • 14

    Providing a broad portfolio of storage and virtual server infrastructure solutions through its constant monitoring of industry trends and innovations.

  • 15

    An IT managed service provider offering integration services and cost effective end-to-end IT management to organizations of all types.

  • 16



    Citrix is the leader in mobile workspaces, providing virtualization, networking and cloud services to enable new ways to work better.

  • 17



    Microsoft, a software corporation, develops licensed and support products and services ranging from personal use to enterprise application.

  • 18



    Oracle develops and markets computer hardware systems and enterprise software products.

  • 19

    Red Hat

    Red Hat

    Red Hat is engaged in providing open-source software products to the enterprise community.

  • 20



    VMware is a software company providing cloud and virtualization services.