20 Most Promising Virtualization Solution Providers 2016

In the world of computing, drawing the essence of any service or software has become a norm on account of ever-growing demand for the limited resources. The process of virtualization, which makes the resources available without having one in reality, adheres to the current technological practice. Virtualization encompasses a broad array of concepts such as a virtual computer hardware platform, operating system (OS), and storage device or computer network resources.

Company Name

Company Description

Brain4Net Provider of innovative SDN/NFV solutions for next generation SP and Large Enterprise networks delivered in cost-effective manner on bare-metal hardware offered by wide partner ecosystem
Calsoft Software product engineering and services company with expertise in virtualization, storage, networking, and cloud technology
CloudPhysics Provides data-driven insights for smarter IT, delivering unprecedented data center analytics to a broad range of users
Datometry Enables enterprises to quickly modernize their database infrastructure by eliminating the need for costly and disruptive projects
EPIOZ A virtualization solution provider, specializing in server platform virtualization, application virtualization, and virtual desktop infrastructure
Ericom Enables organizations across all industries to provide secure, centrally managed access to applications, desktops and data running on Microsoft RDS / Terminal Services, VDI and Cloud platforms
ITsavvy Provider of integrated IT products and solutions including Engineered Solutions, Managed Services, Cloud Solutions and Unified Communications
Login VSI Provides performance insights for virtualized desktop and server environments
MicroAge Provider of IT solutions and services, ranging from data centers to desktops
Midfin Systems The company enables organizations to virtualize their physical resources and creates a homogeneous cloud-scale fabric to run operating systems, frameworks, and applications
Nexenta Systems Provider of Software-Defined Storage, easy-to-use, secure and ultra-low cost storage software solutions
Numecent Delivering native software applications from cloud computing servers using virtualization technology
Quadric Software Delivering a complete backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution through virtualization technology for businesses, government entities, and other organizations worldwide
Syneto Provider of all-in-one private cloud hyper converged storage solutions
Systancia Systancia is a software publisher specializing in desktop and application virtualization and secure remote access solutions
TenAsys Corporation Provides embedded virtualization and real-time operating systems through unique solutions enabling embedded application consolidation onto the same PC hardware
VDIworks Provider of Virtual Desktop enablement and management software
Virdatint Offers an unique virtual data discovery, access, analytics, integration, sharing and interoperability Distributed Data Virtualization Platform (DDVP)
Virtuozzo Provider of virtualization and cloud infrastructure software that helps organizations easily launch applications and cloud services
Xperteks Network managed services provider (MSP) that offers comprehensive IT services to small, mid-sized and enterprise businesses